Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for Children or Adults - either in small groups or 1:1 lessons

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Here is a short overview of what we offer

2 to 3 years

Parent and child lessons. a parent/carer will need to be in the water with each child.  lessons offered during the day.  Lessons will be an introduction for the child to the water and to swimming.  They will be fun but relaxed with songs, games and toys to help children to interact and enjoy the lessons.

3 to 4 years

Pre-school lessons offered during the day.  Parents don't necessarily have to be in the water but this will depend on the child's confidence and interaction ability in the water.  The lessons will introduce the children to learning to swim with the use of toys and water aids

School age

These lessons will follow the STA’s ILSP (International Learn to Swim Programme) which consists of 5 progressive schemes which are interlinked. Your child might start their journey as a beginner, and they will progress through each stage at their own pace. Certificates will be awarded according to the stage that they have achieved at the end of each term. The swim programme will help them to learn the different strokes of swimming and this will be done at the child’s own pace. Through keeping the classes small, this can be achieved and will help build confidence and improve children’s ability’s in their lessons.

Children will learn the 3 main strokes, frontcrawl, backcrawl and breaststroke. During each term, the children will work towards their badge which will help to increase their confidence and give them the different skills in the water that will help them to progress and improve their strokes.

We offer lessons which cater for the 5 STA progressive schemes. Whether your child is a beginner or an improver, please contact Kerry for further details

1-1 Children

Some children can be particularly nervous when they start to learn to swim and so will benefit from having private 1-1 lessons.  These are offered at private pools.

1-1 Adults

These can be offered to adults who might be very nervous in the pool and do not wish to learn in a group environment.  They will also be available to adults who are able to swim and want to improve their swimming strokes

Please email or contact Kerry for further details or to book your first assessment lesson