Meet Kerry


Kerry Payne is the Spalshers Swim School senior instructor and ex Olympic athlete. Competing under her maiden name of Kerry Shacklock, her list of achievements is impressive as it is long in the art of synchronised swimming…

Kerry spoke about her career

"Now I look back over my swimming career I am rightly proud of my achievements, being the National Champion for 6 years running was incredibly hard work and took complete dedication, but my love for my sport was always my inspiration.

  1. I began my Swimming Career - 1983

    I started my synchronised swimming career at Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club in 1983 aged 11 years old.

  2. Won First Competition - 1984

    I won my first club competition in 1984.

  3. Qualified for the England Squard - 1986

    I qualified to be in the 13-14 year age group England squad in 1986.

  4. Competed for England - 1987

    In 1987 I competed with the junior England and Great Britain team swimming in solo, duet and team events.

  5. A Succesful Year - 1988

    In 1988 I trained and competed with the Junior, Senior and Olympic squads. Competitions that year included the European Championships.


    From the results of this competition, I did actually qualify to compete in the Olympic Games but at the age of 16 years, I was told that I would go next time!.


    That same year, I also went to Canada for a month to train with a Canadian synchronised swimming club (Canada were 2nd in the world at this time).

  6. Another Successful Year - 1989

    In 1989 I swam for the Senior Great Britain team in the solo, duet and team events.


    I travelled to Cali, Columbia to compete in the Junior World Championships finishing in 4th place.


    I became National Champion in the solo event and remained National Champion until 1994.

  7. Commonwealth Games - 1990

    In 1990 I went to New Zealand and represented England at the Commonwealth Games in the solo and duet events, finishing 2nd in both.


    That year, I competed in the Goodwill Games, but missed the World Championship due to injury.

  8. European Championships - 1991

    In 1991, I competed at the European Championships finishing 5th in solo, 6th in the duet event and 4th in the team event.


    This year I also went to Japan to train with Japanese competitors.

  9. Olympic Games - 1992

    In 1992, I went to the Olympic Games in Barcelona and finished 7th in Solo and 6th in Duet.

  10. European Championships - 1993

    In 1993, I competed for Great Britain at the European Championships and finished 3rd in the solo and duet events and 4th in team.

  11. Europa Cup - 1994

    Then in 1994, I won the gold medal at the Europa Cup in solo and duet.


    I went to Canada for the Commonwealth Games and finished 2nd in both the solo and duet events.


    My final international competition was the World Championships in Rome, where I finished 7th in the solo and duet events, and 9th in the team event.

  12. World Championships - 1994

    My final international competition was the World Championships in Rome, where I finished 7th in the solo and duet events, and 9th in the team event.

Main Achievements:

  • Olympic Games 1992 Barcelona
    7th Solo & 6th Duet
  • Commonwealth Games 1990 Auckland NZ
    2nd Solo & 2nd Duet
  • Commonwealth Games 1994 Victoria Canada
    2nd Solo & 2nd Duet
  • World Championships 1994 Rome Italy
    7th Solo, 7th Duel & 9th Team
  • European Championships 1991 Athens Greece
    5th Solo, 6th Duet & 4th Team
  • European Championships 1993 Sheffield UK
    RD Solo, 3rd Duet & 4th Team
  • Europa Cup 1994 XXXXXXXXX
    1st Solo & 1st Duet
  • World Junior Championships 1989 Cali Columbia
    4th Solo
  • 6 times UK National Solo Champion
    1989 to 1994

Competing in the 1992 Olympic games in Barcelona and being a member of Team GB will be something that will live with me forever, it was a golden age of British Athletics and to share in the opening ceremony with such greats as Sally Gunnel, Roger Black and Linford Christie was a complete thrill.

Of course I was hoping for a medal, but to qualify for the finals of both the solo and duel events was an achievement in itself and I was pleased with my over all performance.

Sadly all great things come to an end, and though I miss my life as a competitive swimmer, which started aged 11, being able to get in the pool everyday and teach people of all ages, shapes and sizes to swim is a dream job for me.

That thrill of competing will never be matched, but seeing someone with no confidence in the water and unable to swim to doing confident lengths and enjoying the pool comes pretty close.

I hope I can bring inspiration to everyone I teach, whether it be a toddler who is enjoying their first experience or a competent swimmer who wants to improve technique and go faster.  Its about getting the most out of what you want in the water, having fun and enjoying it.

I look forward to seeing you"